Use Sixty

About the Network - Based in San Francisco, Use Sixty is an expert freelancer marketplace for Squarespace designers. Unlike many expert networks, Use Sixty allows designers to manage the relationship and serves as a matchmaker between clients and designers. In addition to the matchmaking services, Use Sixty provides website inspiration, industry insights, and passive income from referrals.

Consultant Profile -  Experts are Squarespace designers.

How It Works - Squarespace designers can be hired for as little as 15 minutes to solve a particular problem or can be engaged for extended sessions to meet larger objectives. Experts log into client accounts over a video conference screen share. Engagements begin with a client entering a list of tasks, an appointment is set-up for designers and the client to work together, and the designer completes those tasks live with the client.
Opportunities - Squarespace and non-Squarespace design related tasks.

How to sign-up - Experts can apply using an online form
Payment - Use Sixty takes a 50% commission on real-time video screen sharing business and a smaller percentage on new business off-screen referral. Specific documentation can be found online.

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