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Westlaw Round Table Group

About the Network - Founded in 1994, Westlaw Round Table Group's expert network contains over 100,000 expert witnesses including industry experts, corporate executives, and academics. The network provides experts for litigation support, research and witness testimony.

Consultant Profile - Experts include renowned professors, department chairs, deans, leading subject matter experts in all industries, physicians, research scientists, healthcare experts, 
attorneys in all legal fields, former government officials and advisors, 
and fellows at prestigious think tanks 

How It Works - Experts work with lawyers from top law firms who need detailed knowledge and insight. Initially, experts learn about the case and what is expected from their role in the proceedings. This process may take place in face-to-face meetings or via teleconferencing or video conferencing. Usually, experts are expected to produce research to support the client's efforts. Many experts are also expected to testify during a trial. 
Opportunities - Litigation support, research, expert witness testimony.

How to sign-up - Experts can apply by completing an online application.
Payment - Compensation details are not included on the website.

Additional Information - Westlaw Round Table Group is a division of Thomson Reuters.



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