About the Network – Co-founded by serial entrepreneur Dr. Rafi Gidron (Chromatis, Scorpio, IBT) Xperiti serves industry leaders such as the Boston Consulting Group, Sphera Funds, and Pontifax utilizing machine learning technologies to build an automated expert network designed to reduce the time and cost of traditional solutions. 

Consultant Profile – Experts come from a wide variety of backgrounds including professionals from the legal and medical fields. 

How It Works – Clients type their expert requirements into a search bar and pick experts from a short-list. Once selected, clients click "engage" to schedule a free introductory call. If no expert is found, Xperiti will extend the search and get back to the client within a day.

Opportunities – Xperiti believes consulting should be a commodity everyone can afford, not just Fortune 500 companies. Their goal is to make humanity's knowledge and expertise accessible to all using an algorithm that identifies the best expert for a given task at a fraction of the cost.

How to sign-up - Experts can register using an online application form

Payment - The methodology is not defined on the website.



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