About the Network – Yegii, the insight network, supplies specialist insight to businesses in the midst of industry disruption. Analyzing emerging tech, policy, and business models is where Yegii excels. Yegii is currently in open beta. Santander (SAN) and National Grid (NGG) are among the beta clients of the new crowdsourced expertise site.

Consultant Profile – Consultants, called experts, are industry professionals, academics, or even students. Yegii lets clients create multidisciplinary dream teams often consisting of a subject matter expert, an academic, a data scientist, and a generalist as team leader. Every contribution is peer-reviewed by Yegii’s Advisory Board and Staff, and experts obtain a Yegii ranking which can be a valuable asset on the job market. 

How It Works – Clients contact Yegii directly online with the request to start working on a business challenge. Yegii posts the challenge online and sends it to its network of experts around the world. There is a three-stage selection process where the client ultimately selects the team or expert to work on their challenge. 

Opportunities – Researched slide decks, quick Q&A, as well as access to Yegii Index, a powerful, yet highly selective, knowledge base with ranked reports, indexed by industry and topic. The value of registering with Yegii, beyond the monetary incentives lies in being part of an emerging, cutting edge insight network. Yegii Experts have access to all the resources you need to compete and collaborate as a knowledge worker, freelancer, or expert, including mentorship, regular seminars, consulting slide deck templates, research guides, and analysis framework toolkits.

How to sign-up - Experts can register using an online application form. Experts begin the process by creating an anonymous bio.  Members are required to sign a terms and condition document with an electronic signature. Individual signup is free but businesses pay a subscription, including those who want to use the on-demand services. 

Payment - Once an engagement has been completed, experts must sign-on to their account and issue an electronic request for payment. Payments are made via check or direct deposit, whichever the expert selects. Payment is made within 30 days of the request for payment.



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